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Firewire IEEE 1394 Cables

The IEEE 1394 interface is a serial bus interface standard for high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data transfer, frequently used by personal computers, as well as in digital audio, digital video, automotive, and aeronautics applications. The interface is also known by the brand names of FireWire (Apple), i.LINK (Sony), and Lynx (Texas Instruments). IEEE 1394 replaced parallel SCSI in many applications, because of lower implementation costs and a simplified, more adaptable cabling system.
CF44-10 $5.99
CF44-3 $3.99
CF44-6 $4.99
Fire Wire Cable IEEE1394 4-6
CF46-10 $5.99
Fire Wire Cable IEEE1394 4-6
CF46-15 $7.99
Fire Wire Cable IEEE1394 4-6
CF46-3 $5.99
Fire Wire Cable IEEE1394 4-6
CF46-6 $3.99
Fire wire Active Extension Cable IEEE1394 6-6
CF60-15 $4.99
CF66-10 $5.99
CF66-15 $7.99
CF66-3 $3.49
CF66-6 $9.99
CF-REPEAT $89.99

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