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Cat6 Patch Panels

Cat6 550 MHz 12 Port Mini Patch Panel

Cat6 550 MHz Rack Mount Patch Panels

ConnectZone Cat6 RJ45 - 110 550MHz Patch Patch Panels that are designed to exceed industry Standards, Our Cat6 550 Mhz Patch Panels provide High Data speed Gigabit Ethernet Bandwidth while keeping your server room well organized. Fully Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) compliant.

A patch panel typically rackmounted, that houses cable connections. One typically shorter patch cable will plug into the front side, whereas the back holds the connection of a much longer and more permanent cable. The assembly of hardware is arranged so that a number of circuits, usually of the same or similar type, appear on jacks for monitoring, interconnecting, and testing circuits in a convenient, flexible manner.

Patch panels offer the convenience of allowing technicians to quickly change the path of select signals, without the expense of dedicated switching equipment. This was first used by early telephone exchanges, where the telephone switchboard (a massive array of patch panels) and a large room full of telephone operators running it was ubiquitous.

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Premium Category 6 Cat6 550 MHz 12 Port Mini Patch Panel



Premium Category 6 Cat6 550 MHz 24 Port Patch Panel



Premium Category 6 Cat6e Enhanced 550 MHz 24 Port Patch Panel



Premium Category 6 Cat6 550 MHz 48 Port Patch Panel

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