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Watertight RJ45

ConnectZone is a supplier of waterproof LTW Technology RJ45 connectors and cables. Browse through our large section of watertight RJ45 products to find a connection that fits your needs at low cost.

LTW Technology Specs:

  • Connector: RJ45, RJ45 Shielded
  • Category: No Specification, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6
  • Connector Type: Panel Front Mount, Panel Rear Mount, With Strain Relief, Without Strain Relief
  • Connector Gender: Plug, Jack
  • Assembly Style: PCB 180, PCB 90, Solder, 110D, IDC, RJ45 Jack, Molded With Cable, Field Installable
  • Mating Style: Lock, Screw, Quick
  • Backshell: Circular, Square, Straight, Right
  • Waterproof Rating: IP66, IP67, IP68
LTW waterproof watertight connectors
LTW-RJE11 $35.00
LTWBOX-RJ522 waterproof connector
LTW-RJE22 $40.00
LTWBOX-RJ544 waterproof connector box
LTW-RJE44 $50.00

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