Connectzone is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic and networking products serving customers worldwide. We design, develop, manufacture and sell fiber optic cabling, connectivity, management and systems solutions. We offer a broad range of products directly and through distributors, installers and OEM partners.

Connectzone is committed to maintaining and improving systems and processes to avoid complicity in Human Rights violations and encourage ethical conduct within our operations, our supply chain, our partners and subcontractors; in particular we have taken steps to ensure that slavery, forced labor, child labor, workplace abuse and human trafficking are not taking place in any parts of our business.

We believe in treating people with respect and dignity and in order to achieve this commitment we have implemented the following:

  • Conducting regular ‘Risk Assessments’ to evaluate where the risks lie within our business; monitoring and putting in place remedial strategies to manage any risks identified
  • Communicating clear expectations to our suppliers
  • Pre-qualifying and auditing of our main suppliers and requiring assurances from those within our supply chains to comply with anti-slavery legislation
  • Sourcing products from companies having a zero tolerance to trafficked, bonded, child, forced or compulsory labor or servitude     
  • Sub-contracting to those with zero tolerance for trafficked, bonded, enforced and compulsory labor and servitude
  • Providing guidance and training to help develop and educate staff with the aim of embedding a culture of responsibility, respect and zero tolerance to slavery, human trafficking, servitude and forced or compulsory labor
  • Enforcing compliance with our Equal Opportunities and Whistleblowing policies

Connectzone continues to review its policies and processes in an effort to ensure the highest standards in our operations and in our supply chain.

 Dann "the cableman" Oberholtzer