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CAB-E1-RJ45BNC= 10 foot E1 Unbalanced Cable for Cisco Compatible module. 1x (Single) RJ45 Male to 2x (Dual) BNC Male. 
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CAB-E1-RJ45BNC Cisco Compatible Unbalanced E1 Cable

CAB-E1-RJ45BNC= 10 foot Cisco Compatible equiv E1 unbalanced cable. This cable consist of a single RJ45 male connector to dual BNC male connectors. CAB-E1-RJ45BNC cables are typically used to connect DS3 or T3 WAN connections to a router on your local side.

Technical Information:

  • Cisco Compatible equiv unbalanced cable
  • CAB-E1-RJ45BNC=
  • 72-1338-01=
  • 72-1338-02=
  • Connector 1: 1x RJ45 male
  • Connector 2: 2x BNC male


  • Typically used for DS3 or T3 WAN connections
  • Networking
  • Data
  • Communication
  • Router on local side

How to use a CAB-E1-RJ45BNC=

Typical Cisco Compatible cards used to interface with would be the PA-T3, PA-MC-T3, PA-T3+, PA-2T3, PA-2T3+, NM-1A-T3, and NM-1E/T3. The telco provider will typically terminate to an RJ-45 jack at the wall. This cable converts the RJ45 to dual bayonet style BNC connectors that twist and lock with a quarter turn.