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CAB-OCTAL-MODEM Cisco Compatible Octal Cable. HD68 to 8x DB25 Male. 
Length: 10 Feet
ConnectZone Brand

Cisco Compatible Systems Octal Cable CAB-OCTAL-MODEM

10 foot CAB-OCTAL-MODEM Cisco Compatible equiv octal cable HD68 to 8x DB25 male

This is an eight-lead cable. Frequently, this style of cable is referred to as an octopus or octal cable. Each lead or tentacle of the octopus cable ends with 8x DB25 male. The other end, or base, of the cable has the 68-pin connector.

  • Octal (octopus) cable
  • Connector 1: HD68 male
  • Connector 2: 8x DB25 male
  • Length: 10 feet