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Fiber Attenuator Inline Style FC UPC Ultra Polish 13db decibels

FC UPC Fiber Optic Inline Attenuator 13dB Decibels

FC 13dB UPC Fiber Optic Inline Attenuator

Technical Information:

  • 13dB
  • inline design is easy to use (plugs between existing fiber jumper & equipment)
  • afforable & cost effective
  • FC connector
  • UPC Ulltra Polish Connector
  • Rohs Compliant
  • High Quality Return loss 60db or Greater
  • Dual wavelength (1310nm/1550nm)
  • Precise attenuation level
  • Portable
  • Attenuators marked with attenuation level


  • Test & Measurement
  • Telecommunications
  • Diagnostics
  • R&D

Optical attenuators used in fiber optic communications systems may use a variety of principles for their functioning. Those using the gap loss principle are sensitive to themodal distribution ahead of the attenuator, and should be used at or near the transmitting end, or they may introduce less loss than intended. Optical attenuators using absorptive or reflective techniques avoid this problem. Because an air gap is subject to variations from contamination etc, attenuators without air gaps (based on doping etc) are more stable over time.

ConnectZone's Inline Fiber Optic Attenuator are used to lower the optical strentgth of your Fiber Signal.

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