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3 meter LC-LC duplex fiber optic mode conditioning cable. LC side consist of a single-mode leg along with a return loss greater than 50db.

LC-LC 3 meter mode conditioning optical fiber cable

Mode conditioning fiber optic patch cable

3 meter LC-LC fiber optic mode conditioning cable. High speed fiber optic mode conditioning Ethernet patch cord duplex with LC to LC connectors.

Technical Information:

  • Fiber mode conditioning cable
  • Duplex cable
  • Return loss greater than 50 db
  • LC to LC connectors
  • 3 meter


  • Network solution
  • Communications
  • Telecommunications
  • Optical offset to IEEE 802.5
  • Data transfer
  • Datacom

What is fiber mode-conditioning cables?

In fiber optic communication, a mode conditioning patch cable is for Gigabit Ethernet applications. Commonly used where Gigabit 1000 Base-LX routers and switches are installed imto existing multimode cable plants.

Fiber optics also known as "optical fiber" refers to the technology associated with information being transfered or transmitted as light impulses through fiber. Optical fiber cables carry more information than convententional copper wires and is far less subjected to electromagnetic interference.

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