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LTW12-03PFFS-SH8004 waterproof M12 female connector with 3 female pins watertight rated IP68 hexagonal rear panel mount (M16 x 1.5) solder type (without LTW Logo)

LTW12-03PFFS-SH8004 waterproof M12 connector

LTW12-03PFFS-SH8004 Waterproof Watertight Rated IP68 Hexigonal Rear Panel Mount (M16*1.5) Solder Type M12 Female Connector (without LTW Logo) With 3 Pin Female Contacts

  • Connector Type: Panel Mount M12 Female (without LTW Logo)
  • Backshell: Hexagonal Rear Mount (M16*1.5)
  • Pin: Copper Alloy Gold Plated 3 Pin Female Contact
  • Assembly Style: Solder Type
  • Mating Style: Screw Type (5A)
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68
  • Tempurature:-25 Degrees Celsius to 90 Degrees Celsius