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19" Inch Rack Mount 2RU Dual Plastic Horizontal Cable Management/Manager Wire Minder Organizer

horizontal dual plastic cable management wire minder organizer

19" Inch Rack Mount 2RU Dual Plastic Horizontal Cable Management/ Manager Wire Minder Organizer

  • 2RU wire management
  • 19" inch Rack mountable
  • Dual
  • Horizontal
  • Plastic

Cable management refers to an important step during the installation of building services (i.e. electrical services) and the subsequent installation of equipment providing means to tidily secure electrical, data, and other cables. The term is often used interchangeably to refer to products used for the purpose of managing cables or to the workmanship carried out to cables whilst being installed. Cable management is important in many fields, such as IT, communications, power distribution, facility wiring, local area networks, etc.

The purpose of cable management is two-fold: To support the cables whilst being routed through the building from Point A to B (often called containment), and to make subsequent management of the cables through the lifetime of the installation easier.