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wire management cable organizer
Cable management / Organizer

Get organized today with our 19" inch rack mount cable managers. More info>>>

data center cabinet enclosure
Network Data Center Cabinets

Commonly used for audio & telecommunications, we have a huge section of wall mount and floor mount data cabinets. More info>>>

usb 2.0 3.0 cables
USB Cables

Universal Serial Bus cables are widely used in almost all standard devices, we stock a large variety of USB cables and can have it shipped today. More info>>>

cisco network cables
Cisco Cables

We stock cables that are compatible with Cisco equipment such as routers, switches, hubs, servers and other devices. More info>>>

pdu power strip surge protector rack mount
Power Stips & PDU

Power supply PDU & power strips which are 19" rack-mountable. More info>>>

rack mount data shelf network data shelves
Data Shelves

19" inch rack mount cantilevered data shelves. We carry a large variety of designs & sizes including vented, non-vented and center weight. More info>>>

custom cabling

ConnectZone can create or customize any cable to customer specs. For more information please contact us... For more info>>>

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fiber optic patch cords

Fiber optics also known as "optical fiber"
refers to the technology associated with information being transferred or transmitted as light impulses through fiber. Optical fiber cables carry more information than conventional copper wires and is far less subjected to electromagnetic interference.

Quick links to fiber cables:

10 gigabit OM3 multi-mode fiber optic cables 50/125

Multi-mode fiber optic cables 62.5/125

Single-mode fiber optic cables 9/125

Angled (APC) & Ultra (UPC) polished fiber cables

Custom colored multi-mode fiber optic cables 62.5/125

Custom colored single-mode fiber optic cables 9/125

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