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Connectzone hits a Grand Slam for local kids!

Connectzone is sponsoring the Everett Express fast pitch softball team. The Connectzone team feels strongly about supporting local organizations that support our children. According to many authorities the top ten reasons to involve your child in Read more…

October 08, 2009

H1N1 vs. Y2K

Remember all the hysteria about Y2K? As business owners we had to have documented plans as how to house and feed employees if there was a Y2K disaster. Well the media is stirring up similar hysteria about H1N1 also known as swine flu, well at least Read more…

September 02, 2009

Employee Reviews

We love all our employees at Connectzone.com. Each one plays an integral part in our business and we simply couldn’t survive without them. Employee reviews are a little bit like getting your report card and can create anxiety for both the Read more…

July 24, 2009