t3 cable

CAB-ATM-DS3/E3 Cable for Cisco Systems

CAB-ATM-DS3/E3 Cable for Cisco Systems 4000 and 7000 ATM PA-MC-T3 Port Adapter. This PA-MC-T3 Ds3 Cable is a dual 75ohm coaxial cable with BNC male connectors all around.   This cable is also know as cab-atm-ds3 Read more…

November 11, 2010

Super Flexible Ds3 Jumper Cable

Connectzone.com has the DS3 Coaxial Patch Cords with the tightest bend radius making your Ds3 patch connections easier than ever in your Data Center. Our Ds3 Patch cables are extra bendable with a bend radius of ¾” as opposed to Read more…

November 01, 2010