What Are Serial Ports?

A serial port is an asynchronous port on a computer used to attach a serial tool to the PC and is capable of transmitting one bit at a time. Serial ports are usually diagnosed with IBM compatible PCs as communications (COM) ports. As an instance, a mouse might be connected to COM1 and a modem to COM2. It serves as an interface that permits the flow of data. It's the oldest sort of interfaces that are typically used to connect printers and external modems to the PC. Cutting edge serial ports are utilized in medical gadgets, cash registers and software’s like business equipment structures. The data transfer speed of the serial port is slow when compared to the parallel ports.

What is Serial Port Used for?

Commonly, a serial port is a male port, while a parallel port is a female port. Machine useful resource configurations are decided for each port and are diagnosed by COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, and so forth. Each COM characteristic represents an input/output (I/O), and an interrupt request (IRQ) address. The I/O deal with transfers and gets facts to and from a peripheral tool including a mouse or keyboard. The standard serial port is RS-232. This is used for transmitting serial communication amongst devices, which might be usually called data communications system (DCE) and data terminal gadget (DTE). The serial port makes use of a nine-pin (DE-9) connector or a 25-pin (DB-25) connector. During the beginning stages, it used to use the same old 25 pins. However, because of the number of the pins that were unused and were pretty cumbersome, the smaller DE-nine connector has become well-known since then. For serial communication, faster speed was needed for external data units. Universal Serial Bus (USB) and FireWire in 1998 added faster interfaces. These new generation units could transfer the data at excessive speeds on the same bus, called a daisy chain. In recent times, the serial ports are seldom used however can be found as a communication device for GPS receivers, LED and liquid crystal display (LCD) textual content presentations, bar-code scanners, and flat-screen monitors. ConnectZone is your online partner for all your cable needs for any port. We sell high-quality cables, fiber optics, and networking equipment's in different lengths, sizes and colors. Not just this, but we can also customize the cables as per your needs. With excellent customer service and fast shipping, ConnectZone is the best cable expert in the USA. For more details, visit us on https://www.connectzone.com/ or call 425-212-4400 / 425-212-4394.