Multiport Service Terminals Series (MST)

ConnectZone’s, OptiTap compatible, Multiport Service Terminal (MST) is the industry’s access terminal subservient.

All optical fiber topologies from a telecom or cable company to its customers, is based on the location of the fiber's termination point need FTTx, (Fiber to the x). It is the method used to drive NGA, (next-generation access) which describes an upgrade to the Broadband available by making a change in speed and quality of the service provided. The Multiport Service Terminal (MST) incorporates hardened connector technology that is designed to withstand the rugged outside plant environment.

The industry-standard Multiport Service Terminal (MST) series, with its huge assortment of housing styles, connectors, adapters and mounting, meets the needs of almost any network. Environmentally sealed and factory-terminated with hardened plug-and-play connector ports, the MST series grapples with outside conditions, and ensures fast deployment and lower installation costs by eliminating time-consuming splicing. These specially designed hardened connectors are factory-terminated and environmentally sealed for use in optical drop cable deployments.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS Multiport Service Terminals (MSTs) • Stubbed, hardened terminals in two sizes: - Full-sized (OptiTap compatible) hardened connectors - Miniaturized (DLX) hardened connectors • Delivered factory-sealed • Supplied with a length of feeder cable • From 2 to 12 hardened ports for single or multifiber connectors • Can be supplied with hardened multifiber connector at the feeder cable • Available with pre-mounted and tested optical splitter • IP68 and 2m waterhead • Aerial and manhole installation • Angled adapters for increased hand access • Universal mounting bracket • Robust environmental performance: Withstands extremes in temperature and conditions • Technician-friendly features: Intuitive design for ease of use • Decreased installation and maintenance hours: Significant savings • Protection: Self-contained unit features hardened connectors for superior durability and reliability in the drop segment of the network • Compatibility: Interoperability with industry standard hardened connectors.

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